&Livy Love Knot Bracelet in Platinum Gold

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The most hyper-specific friendship bracelets available. Each color is an ode to the best parts of any kind of connection, and it’s cool enough to wear even if you don’t have any friends.

The “I’d Help You Move a Sofa” Expandable Bracelet

There’s funny, and then there’s the obscure art form you perfected and casually call “an inside joke.” With punchlines as niche as the failed TV pilots that no one else remembers but you still quote, who share the inability to keep a straight face no matter the severity.

small - medium 7" approx., medium - large 7.5" approx.

  • Recycled Brass
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tarnish Resistant 
  • Handmade in USA